Saturday, August 21, 2010


I thought I had Posted this July 27th, but i realized that somehow it never did.

I have one week before I start school, and I couldn't be any less happy or ready. Here comes Junior year, the so called hardest year at my school, and for some dumb reason this was the year I decided load up on the honor classes, really I mean I am going to be taking five honor classes. The closer school gets the more nervous I am about the workload. The three summer projects I had to do are still not done. All I’ve done is read one book, but not the work that goes with it. I really have been thinking about transferring to a public school so I can graduate early. My school requires me to have twenty-seven credits before I can graduate but the public school that’s near my house requires only fifteen. I can’t believe how few credits that is, after two years in high school I already have fourteen. If only.


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