Thursday, March 31, 2011

Im going

Last week i went and bought my dress for prom, I like it but of course i dread other people seeing me in it, even though i know it looks nice. Im so nervous, I'm worried about how the night is going to go and how I'm going to get ready and now i have to dance. This would only be my second time dancing in public. I hate that i can't dance which is why i haven't been to any school dances before and why i don't go to the very few parties I've been invited to. At least i have a my shoes, dress and a table to sit at. All week i was waiting for a Ronnie to ask me to come to her house before prom to get ready and hang out but she hasn't i don't even know what she is planning on doing. But this morning one of my friends asked me if i wanted to come to her house, i said i would but i would much rather of gotten ready with Ronnie and her friends. The friend who asked me to go to her house made me kind of upset three times this week. First she told me i should really try to get my ticket fast because her table was filling up and she didn't want me to be all alone like a loner. Second when she was talking about the table she mentioned a boy who was going to sit with us, and how he had no idea who i was or had never heard my name. Then she says isn't that funny. Then when she asked me to come to her house she said something very similar like she didn't want me to be with no one, or be by myself. Writing this it sounds stupid but hearing her say those things just made me feel bad about myself, that i don't have a lot of friends or know a lot of people.


Blogger kendra30752 said...

AW! That's terrible. It sounds like she may be a little threatened by you, and maybe that is why she is making you feel a little low about yourself. The things did sounds rude & it would've hurt my feelings too.

I think you should go and not even worry, just have fun! Make sure you have a few girlfriends (good ones) who can kinda help bring you up a little. Also, I can't dance either, but you better believe I was always in the middle of the dance floor making a fool outta myself when I was in high school (but then again, we didn't have cell phones with cameras then! lol). That's the good thing about high school, you can do crazy things and it's ok to look like a fool! lol I didn't have the best prom ever, I ended up in jail after my prom! lol. But it's an experience a girl will never forget and always look back on.

I sure hope you have a great time! I would make sure I had at least one "back-up girlfriend" just in case one gets you down or upsets you, that way you can go hang out with another friend and not have to worry about being stuck with the mean one.

Post pics! I'd love to see your dress :)

Best wishes and have a great time!

April 1, 2011 at 3:22 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

That's terrible! People suck, eh. I hate that. I had a really bad time with prom a few weeks ago too. I ended up not going because it was too stress-ness and I just didn't think it was worth all the bitchiness!
Sounds like people need to learn how to treat you MUCH better !

July 20, 2011 at 4:15 AM  

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