Thursday, March 17, 2011

to prom or not to prom?

Currently I'm on spring break, but since my mother had to work all week we didn't plan to do anything fun. Nor did i get invited to do anything with my friends, although some of them went to Chicago for some kind of school music event. Anyways yesterday or two days ago I told my mom about prom, and that i needed to start looking for a dress and what not. I didn't realize how soon prom is actually going to be, for some reason the date was changed and moved up early so really prom was suppose to be like during the end or begining of april/may but now its the first week of april. Im so nervous, i think i want to go but i really don't plan on being asked, so already im getting so scared about the night. Then theres the other things i have to think about, like money. So many kids at my school have so much money and i hate asking my parents to buy me things. Now i have to go dress shopping and i plan on asking my sister to come with me, but i think she hates shopping just as much as i do. Thers two things that i hate about shopping.
1. I hate the fact that i might run into or see people i know,
2. I usually hate to spend money because i never grew up with money to spend
3. I'm so unconfrotable with my body so i wear nothing i want to.


Blogger Kindros said...

Only go if you want. I didn't just because I had no interest. A bunch of us who skipped prom ended out going on an adventure. Was a great time too. If it is important to you though, you should go. :)

March 21, 2011 at 8:44 AM  

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