Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is it the weekend already?

To go to school or not.
I got home today and thought it was Friday, I don't know if its because i don't have actual classes tomorrow or just because I'm home all alone. Today my sister punched me, on accident it was more of her raising her fist and me being behind her, needless to say i got a really bad bloody nose. Which i actually get all the time but i stayed in the car while they went to the store trying to make it stop.  I just thought of something that is kinda making me cry, which it totally shouldn't and i feel dumb now but maybe i will post something about it because i don't think i have. And really i've never spoken to anyone really about it.

AHH i hate that i always say im going to post something and i don't so sorry if you never hear this story.


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