Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where Have I been!

I can't believe that I didn't post all summer. What was I thinking. Today logging in I began to thinking "wow I really do miss blogging". The number one reason I am here now is because its that time of the year again, a few days till school starts and I'm trying my best to finish up the summer projects i was given. Of course I am just procrastinating, but at least I'm doing something worthwhile now. Tomorrow is my birthday, which i am not excited about. Birthdays for my sisters and I never seem to work out all to well. I think I might just be having cake and ice cream with my family for a short time. I've begun becoming nervous due to the fear of returning to school. I'm so nervous for people to ask me what I did this summer because i really have nothing to say.  Also I never made that dumb facebook like I promised my friend Ronnie I would. I plan on writing again at least once a week. Maybe my next post I'll talk about my classes, or basically my first week of that last year of high school i have left.


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