Friday, October 15, 2010

dull week

Im so bored, and out of the ten blogs a follow no one had posted a new blog in forever. So I decided to post. There isn't much new news on my side. yet i think i can write a long blog about nothing. Well tonight is my schools homecoming, this is going to be the first football game i am going to go to this year. The reason i don't go to the games is because if i go my mom goes and my family which means they might see how much of a loser i am at school. But tonight i will be going, my biggest fear is that i will see someone from my old school and that when i get to the game i won't see any of my friends.
I am now sixteen and i still don't drive. I haven't even gotten my permit. the problem is that if i did drive i would be forced to run errands for everyone in my family, pay for gas, pay somekind of insureance, and most important I would probbably have to buy my own car.


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