Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PSAT and Exchanges

Tomorrow I go back to school, auhh! Even though I've been on break since Thursday and I don't go back till tomorrow, which is Wednesday, i haven't done any of the work i was suppose to. No instead I have been wasting incredible amounts of time watching entire season of shows, reading a plethora of blogs and going on YouTube. The worst part is that tomorrow when i go back to school i have to take the PSAT. I hate that I didn't study for it or even practice on the practice test that i was given. What am I suppose to call that test. If the PSAT is the practice SAT, then is the booklet i was given the pre practice SAT. While no matter what i call it, i didn't even open it. Some parts of me just want to give everything up. I wish that nothing mattered, that I didn't care what people thought of me. But unfortunately my entire life has been lived according what i think people are going to say about me.
About me wanting to go to Bristol or at least somewhere in England, I signed up on this exchange student website, called UkStudentExchange or something like that but i haven't received any info, or contact. How much would it suck if that website was just a scam. That's what i am really worried about, that if i finally go through with the entire exchange process and it turns out that it was just a scam and i lost all my parents money. Which is another problem, exchange problems are so expensive and i know my parents won't be able to pay for it unless a got help or a deal. But I should just stop thinking about it because October is going to end soon and that is the deadline for most exchange programs I think. I figure that the best time for me to go on an exchange would be my second semester of junior year, but I suppose that I could always go senior year, even if that means i miss all the fun, bonding, and events that would happen. Wow that side-note ended up being mush longer than i meant for.


Blogger Rezden said...

I really hope it isn't a scam either. There are so many of those online now. Congrats on the laptop! Good luck with the exchange program. Keep us updated. <3

October 12, 2010 at 5:28 PM  

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