Saturday, August 6, 2011

This is what I deal with.

I decided to finish off this week early, yesterday like i said i got together with my family for a quick dinner and some cake. I wouldn't say I had fun because really my sister and I just don't really belong there. Don't get me wrong I love my family but none of them are anything like us. The easiest but not the nicest way to put it is that we're smart and they aren't. Maybe cultured is a better word? Its like they live in the past, for example, one of the arguments we had last night dealt with lgbt community. I just hate how stereotypical, judgemental, annoying and homophobic they are. Is it wrong for my sisters and I to believe in non-gender bias when raising a child? They act like the world is going to end because an 18 month old baby wants to play with the pink barbie phone, or wear rainbow beads with playing. My favorite freaked most recently has to be when my four year old cousin was playing with two dolls and her Grandmother freaked out because she was making them kiss, when I told my cousin kissing was for grownups, her grandmother turned to me and was more freaked out because she was making two girl dolls kiss. I just hate that I have to bite my tongue so much when I'm around them because I disagree on almost every subject with them. When I have children I want them to feel comfortable with who they are Gay or straight, even interracial marriage bothers my family.  Even though I know wishing 1000 "gay, Asian, black..."babies on them isn't the right thing to do, it makes me feel better at those times.


Blogger Kindros said...

A lot of it is the time of growing up as well. Growing up now, there is more of an acceptance of all people. I cringe when dealing with older people and they make racist/sexist comments. It happens a lot around me as well, usually at work. But this is starting to sound agist. :D

Happy belated birthday and hope you have been getting back into the groove. :)

August 15, 2011 at 9:43 AM  

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