Monday, October 25, 2010

Old Friend

For some reason last week I thought about my friend from middle school Andy. The three years i was in middle school my relationship with Andy changed quite alot. I only have two memories of Andy from sixth grade, one is really embarrassing the other not so much. My first memory of Andy is him coming up to me and asking me why i stared at his friend so much. Of course that friend was Danny, but just thinking about how he said that to me make me blush and become nervous. The other memory of him in sixth grade was him standing on the side of the basketball court asking me and Danny to let him play a game Danny and i were playing. It wasn't till seventh grade that i really got to notice Andy.  He and i had most of our classes together like i did with most kids. But the story of us is really funny. Andy sat in front of me in math class, one day he pulled something out of pocket like gum or a pencil and a dollar fell out. I picked it up but couldn't give it to him right away , i don't remember why though. So it was maybe ten or fifteen minuets later and i handed him the dollar telling him that it had fallen out. That's when everything started. All of a sudden Andy was making a huge scene, pretty much screaming, being loud enough for the entire class to hear him. Among the things he was saying was, How dare you still my dollar and have the audacity to give it back, Shes so bad at stealing she returned what she took.  For the rest of the year he told everyone that i stole his dollar. People not to trust me because i took his dollar. Really i honestly can say that Seventh Grade I hated Andy so much, i couldn't stand him.
My last year in middle school my best friend came into my class, she was friends with Andy so we hung out alot together. That year i found out that Andy was funny and what use to make me   hate him now made me love him, as a friend. That year Andy became the only person i talked to. We skipped class together to go to tutoring which ment sit in the library for an hour and talk. Its weird that in one year the person i hated the most at school became the person i depended on the most.

Later i'll talk about him and i now.


Blogger Rezden said...

Yea, it's funny how things happen like that. :) Kinda strange that he freaked out like that, and over just a dollar. Have you ever talked to him about that? Like, was he really mad?

Have a great night.

October 25, 2010 at 6:06 PM  
Blogger sunnyshadow said...

Yeah he was joking, just being funny,

October 25, 2010 at 8:10 PM  

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