Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday I found a piece of paper that I had written goals that I wanted to meet. The funny thing is that I made the list when I was either in fourth or fifth grade so there is some dumb stuff on it. Some of the goals
· Run for vice president ( not sure if I meant vice of school or country)
· Go to college for five years as a pediatrician ( goal from the ages of two through twelve)
· Retire after fifty-five or sixty ( not sure why this was a goal)
· Go out with someone by 7th grade ( that definitely didn’t work out)
The funny thing to me is that I made these goals when I was really young and they had nothing to do with me at the time or events going on around me. I remember writing these goals down and hoping that I would be able to do everything on the list. I thought that if I wasn’t able to do simple goals that I had written for myself when I was around nine then I wouldn’t be able to do real jobs when I got older.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


so here i am, starting a blog, to starts things out i just wanted to say that from my blog you can expect a third of my words to be misspelled, tons of grammar mistakes, lots of ranting about things that probably seem unimportant to the average person, me wishing i had a better life though mine might really not be that bad, a person trying to seem great and amazing, the most unconfident girl you could meet and lots of peaks into my personal life. I want to write because i think it helps me, helps me feel like someone is listening to me and what i have to say. It also helps that no one will know that this is me. A new blog is soon to come hopefully, maybe never because i will forget about this of in a matter of minutes.