Saturday, November 13, 2010


I haven't posted in ten days i think, which has seemed like forever. But the reason is because i have nothing to say. I thought i would update you guys on my boy situation, not that its changed much but maybe next post will be about that.
So my two favorite song right now Jolene- By Dolly Parton not the white Stripes and Strict Machine by Goldfrapp. Now if you haven't heard them you should really go and listen to them. Really i get made fun of so much because of the music i listen to, nothing is really current music. And these two song are nothing alike but i love them. What i hate right now  is Taylor Swift. I swear if i hear another girl quote a Taylor swift song i will die. Before i liked Taylor swift but for some reason when this new album came out i was just so angry with it. Maybe its the fact the the songs are just so embarrassing or maybe its because the day the CD came out i had to listen to it in every class and watch the girls in class lip sync to it. 
Also I've been shopping some online this week, or at least window shopping. Well i guess you wouldn't call it window shopping since there is no window but whatever. I decided that date or no date i am going to go to both winter formal and prom. So i have been looking for dress options and i hate that all the dresses i like are so expensive. The other things i have been looking for is three shirts, a Velvet Under ground or Nico, a Captain marvel shirt a red one with just the lighting bolt, and a Reptar shirt.

Heres links to the songs

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What do you do?

I think its pretty simple to describe myself as socially awkward. I don't mean to be, but really who does. Its just that how are you suppose to know what to say, OK i know that for everyone its easy just to talk, but i think that my problem is that I'm afraid to say something dumb or totally out there. Whatever really what I am unsure of is how do i talk to the guy i like. He isn't in any of my classes and if i just noticed him this year he has probably never noticed me or even know my name. Why is it that everything is so hard for me, or is me that makes everything so hard. Yup probably the second one.  That's what i hate most about myself,  how i regret so much. Why do i have such a problem with just taking risks. There's just so much i want to do later in life. Ahh i hate that my blog has become just a place for me to cry about how much I hate life.