Sunday, August 29, 2010

College already and Skins

I am just about to finish my first month of Junior year, so far not that bad. But now more than ever i am realizing that I need to start thinking about my future. No more maybe I want to do this or that because it sounds cool or someone does it one TV. Last week at school kids were being taken out of class to talk to our college advisor and I am glad that i wasn't taken. If I was I'm afraid that I'll look stupid because everyone already knows what they want to do and where they plan on going. Really just Stop. I've only been sixteen for a little more than three weeks and already i have to start planning how i am going to spend the next four years of my life. The worst part is that even if i knew what i wanted to study and where i wanted to go to college my parents probably couldn't afford it. Just my sister being at community college is starting problems because both of my parents say they can't afford to pay for her classes. When I go to school i want to go to a real college and live in a dorm. But enough about College.

This week I started watching Skins, which is this British TV show and i absolutely love it. It makes me wish i could live somewhere in England. I love how they dress so bright and weird. By far my favourite character is Cassie. Shes so funny and as lame as this sounds deep. I love the way she dresses and wish I could be like them. The only thing that bothers me is how yellow everyone's teeth are.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

And so it begins

School started, not so hard but my Lit. teacher is quite the tough grader. I really don't know if this year could be any worse than it is. No friends in any of my classes. Really, I mean it took me two years to find people who at least know my name and now I never see them. At lunch only one person i know sits with me. Though it does make me feel better that I am not the only girl with only one friend. What i really hate right now is GROUP PROJECTS. It seems that in every class all we do is group projects which means I am always the girl with no group who has to be put in a group of people who don't want me there by the teacher. The one thing i was looking forward to was having a top locker, but because the whole world seems to be against me someone stole it. Now i have stupid bottom locker, the one good thing is that crush S is right next to me. I also think that I may like another boy but it might only be because he gives me attention. Hopefully the next post won't be in a month.


I thought I had Posted this July 27th, but i realized that somehow it never did.

I have one week before I start school, and I couldn't be any less happy or ready. Here comes Junior year, the so called hardest year at my school, and for some dumb reason this was the year I decided load up on the honor classes, really I mean I am going to be taking five honor classes. The closer school gets the more nervous I am about the workload. The three summer projects I had to do are still not done. All I’ve done is read one book, but not the work that goes with it. I really have been thinking about transferring to a public school so I can graduate early. My school requires me to have twenty-seven credits before I can graduate but the public school that’s near my house requires only fifteen. I can’t believe how few credits that is, after two years in high school I already have fourteen. If only.