Friday, December 24, 2010

Yea I'm Kinda Weird

This break was suppose to be my free time to catch up on all the shows I haven't watched in five weeks because school is just to much work. But nonetheless i have done absolutely nothing that i had wanted to do. I have wasted my time away watching videos on YouTube, about makeup, Which if you knew me would be weird. I came up with three or four tings i thought I would mention in this blog. The first thing is collecting. I've never mentioned before how  I collect things, well i call it saving but my mom calls it packratting. Everything that someone had touched or written me i keep. I have a box full of useless things that i keep like erasers, pens pencils, paper, cards, toys, hair ties, cameras. I'm not sure when exactly i started to keep things but i know i have stuff from when i was in the first grade. The reason i keep stuff or at least my excuse is so that i won't forget. Everything i have has some kind of memory to it which repaints a picture for me. Little papers and dead flower petals are important to me because they are all that is left of my old friends. I don't talk to them or see them and it just reminds me of when I actually felt loved. One thing that i actually collected that doesn't have a bond to people is rocks. I loved rocks, i had a box that i would keep all the rocks i found in. Still today id i find a rock that is a cool color or shape i pick it up and keep it. I think that i will post tomorrow about the last two things.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So i know that i said i would be blogging but i forgot to mention that i have finals this week. So my lack of  TV watching blogging and other things has be due to the fact that i am studying or being distracted from my studying wasting time.  So with a little bit of time i had free this morning i thought i would post. Today is the penultimate day of school. But today is also the day i have to do the most work. Yup i have to catch up on all the last things i need to turn in for classes i am suppose to be done with.  Finals really aren't that bad, well no they are hard and everyone at my school goes through a major meltdown this week. I don't want to sound a a nerd or crazy person like my family calls me because i am mad that i have a 89 in a class instead of a A. What don't they get, just one point and i get an A, which i need to keep my GPA up. So i wanted to say more that this is all the time i have okay i promise to blog durning the break, maybe i will update on the movies i will be watching.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Im Back!

I don't want to give up on this blog, i have to do, i always give things up and this can't be one. I want to blame my school work for not blogging or that i;ve been too busy. But really i just didn't want to. All i do is go on the computer but i have nothing to say. So i have this week of school then finals next week. So with the semester ending i have winter formal coming up. I really want to go but then i don't. i don't have money to buy a dress or shoes, and I'm not sure who i want to go with. By that which group of friends i am going to attach myself to. SO. ahh I NEED TO STOP SAYING SO.  Since formal is coming up these past two weeks have been full of guys asking girls to formal, in cute ways, halls with have huge posters or banners. Girls carrying flowers around with them, or balloons, glitter is everywhere and there is always a crowd around a person who is going to ask someone. Today kinda sucked for me, but really i don't know why i am complaining. So this morning i walked into the courtyard and glanced to the right where i saw the guy i liked, and im pretty sure hes noticed me. But i walked to my friend who needed to barrow a book which i didn't have so she dragged me to the group of guys who MT was standing with. I am just so awkward i hate it.  We walked away and i keep staring back at them and then i saw MT take his shirt off. He was asking a girl to Formal. I just hope that eventually i will talk to both the guys i like, but i probably won't.